Showroom Open

I am here working in the studio, and the showroom is open for visitors. I am here at least part of most days. Please call or email ahead to confirm open hours.

Summer Sale

Saturday & Sunday
August 15 & 16
9:00 - 4:00
Please join me as I spread my display outdoors and invite a few other craftspeople, youth entrepreneurs and musicians to join me. I'm delighted to welcome weaver Ron King, www.ronkingdesignstudio.com and jeweler Jackie Haines, www.jackiehaines.com for the weekend.

Local Food Local Pots

I was thrilled when this article appeared in Ceramics Monthly this spring.  David Levi, owner and executive chef of the fabulous restaurant Vinland, on Congress St. in Portland, ME talks about his decision to use local handmade pottery to showcase his 100% local and organic cuisine.  David's food is so beautiful and so delicious and makes my plates look really nice too. You will dine well at Vinland!